Wythe-Grayson Regional Library Receives Privacy Pods

Individuals will be able to use a “privacy pod” purchased with grant funding at the Wythe- Grayson Regional Library. The pod is designed to dampen the sound of conversations for a quiet, more productive work environment. While the library has a variety of meeting spaces, there was a lack of space for individuals to meet in private without using the Community Room. This booth will help the library improve its ability to accommodate our community’s needs. The pod will be used for such things as telehealth medicine, job interviews, podcasting, and virtual meetings.

The booths are sound dampening, have a light source, ventilation, USB port and electrical outlets. Bring your own device or check out a small laptop. Public Wi-Fi is available, ask for the password at the front desk. Other items available for check out are a tablet stand and headset with mic.

“We have had a need for a quiet place to have a private virtual or phone conversation; be it for medical, professional, or legal reasons. These booths are located at the Wythe County, Grayson County and Whitetop Libraries. Already we are seeing people using these booths. We have been getting wonderful comments about these privacy pods.”, Mary Thomas the regional director stated, “These booths have a dimmable light, power outlet and a small adjustable table.” The purchase of the pod was supported by grant funds from Library of Virginia ARPA Sub-grant.

For further information please call: Wythe County Public Library 276-228-4951 and Grayson County Public Library 276-773-3018 or visit us online at wgrlib.org.